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This study closely associates literature and psychoanalysis in an endeavour to read differently, to read with a psychoanalytical eye. Such a reading entails taking into account the complexity of the unconscious as well as the degrees of resistance the reader has to grapple with in literary texts. Texts have specific organizations made of codes that can entice or trap readers in their deciphering activity, as Roland Barthes once famously theorized. In this entanglement with meaning, the compass is provided by a materialist psychoanalytical approach. The narratives are perceived as expressing philosophical arguments in the form of art. Several key psychoanalytical concepts are delineated in the course of this work to explore the far side of language where the reader is drawn out of himself or herself in an uncertain attempt to experiment with unknown worlds of subjectivity. The uncanny, the demand for love, the work of mourning, Lacan's realms of the Real, the Imaginary and the Symbolic, jouissance and desire, are some of the concepts that are gone into to highlight the tensions in the texts of Katherine Mansfield, Henry James, Ernest Hemingway or Virginia Woolf. Literature and psychoanalysis: reading literature differently Image



AUTEUR: Jacques Sohier

ISBN: 9782356921499

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It remains the best work on literature and psychoanalysis, essential reading for anyone interested in pursuing the relations between the two or wanting to know about the possible effects of the French re-reading of Freud for a reading of literature.--'The Year's Work in English Studies.'


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