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Updates about the most relevant natural fibre based composites and their potential to be applied in aircraft applications. Demonstrates systematic approaches and investigations on design, development, characterization and applications of composite materials to establish their important relationship with end-user applications. A useful reference and technical guide for university academics, R&D sectors, and industrialists working in materials commercialization. The aerospace industry is currently looking for alternative materials to replace carbon/Kevlar fibres in aerospace internal components to enhance fuel efficiency in aircraft structures. Research centres and industrial organizations have now started to develop interior components using natural fibres and agricultural biomass. Agricultural biomass ; such as natural fibres are abundantly available worldwide ; but are not getting proper utilization due to their limitation in processing, properties and applications. This book presents recent advances in the development, characterization and applications of composite materials produced from natural fibre/biomass as fillers and reinforcements to enhance materials performance towards utilization in aerospace components. Written by leading experts in the field the book chapters provide cutting-edge up-to-date research on the use of composite materials in aerospace components. The book fills the gap in the published literature (published books on composites do not pay much attention to natural fibre based composites in aerospace components) and provides reference materials for future research in natural fibre and hybrid composite materials, which is much in demand due to the need for sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly composites. Sustainable Composites for Aerospace Applications Image



AUTEUR: Mohammad Jawaid

ISBN: 9780081021316

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Composites have long been established for use in the aerospace industry, due to their many exceptional material properties, such as particularly low weight, high-tensile strength and stiffness as well as excellent fire protection capabilities. Additionally, aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers are now also focusing more and more on production efficiency and production speed.


Use of composite materials in Aerospace Composite materials have been used in aerospace in applications such as engine blades, brackets, interiors, nacelles, propellers/rotors, single aisle wings, wide body wings. ATI composites in aerospace roadmap 2019 ATI Composite Roadmapping Results 2019 INSIGHT - ATI paper - composites in aerospace