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This book introduces a new perspective on how to design user interfaces : Computational Interaction. Computational interaction can be used as an approach to explaining and enhancing the interaction between humans and information technology. It applies abstraction, automation, and analysis to inform our understanding of the structure of interaction and also to inform the design of the software that drives new and exciting human-computer interfaces. Embedded in an iterative design process, computational interaction has the potential to complement human strengths and provide methods for generating inspiring and elegant designs. Computational interaction does not exclude the messy and complicated behaviour of humans ; rather, it embraces it, by, for example, using models that are sensitive to uncertainty and that capture subtle variations between individual users. It also promotes the idea that there are many aspects of interaction that can be augmented by algorithms. This book introduces computational interaction design to the reader by exploring a wide range of computational interaction techniques, strategies, and methods. It explains how techniques such as optimization, economic modelling, machine learning, control theory, formal methods, cognitive models, and statistical language processing can be used to model interaction and design more expressive, efficient, and versatile interaction. Computational Interaction Image



AUTEUR: Antti Oulasvirta

ISBN: 9780198799610

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Computational Approaches to Interaction Design. This course introduces computational methods for HCI. As interfaces become more sophisticated, designing them requires an exponentially expanding...


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