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Merriam-Webster's Visual Dictionary, Second Edition, incorporates nearly 25 000 terms and their definitions into 8 000 full-color illustrations of a wide variety of objects from all aspects of life. This major revision introduces more than 2 000 new and updated illustrations, including many from the fields of technology, medical equipment, and energy. Each clear and precise definition has been prepared by Merriam-Webster lexicographers. The result is an indispensable reference that goes beyond object identification to answer questions about function, significance, and purpose. Enrich the mind and discover something new with each turn of the page. Perfect for work, school, self-study, research, or simple browsing. 18 chapters and 115 corresponding themes include a wide variety of fields : Astronomy ; Earth and the Environment ; Plants ; Animals ; Human Being ; Food and Kitchen ; House ; Do-It-Yourself and Gardening ; Clothing ; Personal Accessories ; Arts & Architecture ; Communications ; Office Automation ; Transport & Machinery ; Energy ; Science ; Society ; Sports &Games. Merriam-Webster's Visual Dictionary Image



AUTEUR: Jean-Claude Corbeil

ISBN: 9780877791515

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Dictionaries. Merriam-Webster's Visual Dictionary, Second Edition. Price: $39.95. Nearly 25,000 terms with dictionary-scale definitions. More than 8,000 highly detailed, full-color illustrations, organized by subject in specialized fields from all aspects of life. Many illustrations have been redrawn to modernize their design, such as for TV and medical equipment, while other illustrations for ...


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