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"The authors have done a herculean and masterful job of bringing together the literature on discrete choice models with that of product differentiation. They are meticulous in laying out all of the intermediate mathematical steps in making their formal arguments. This is the kind of text from which I would love to teach. While the present version is sufficiently timely that it represents state-of-the-art research, in the years to come students will find it invaluable in making the literature accessible." Barry Nalebuff, Professor of Economics and Management, Yale School of Organization and Management "Both as a synthesis of existing work and an extension of this work, Discrete Choice Theory of Product Differentiation makes a substantial contribution to our knowledge." Jean Tirole, Professer of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "This book provides a valuable and insightful use of random choice behavior in the analysis of the Hotelling-Lancaster style of differentiated product markets. Not only is theory importantly advanced, it is advanced in a way that should greatly aid in empirical analysis." James W. Friedman, Kenan Professer of Economics, University of North Carolina, Chape) Hill "Discrete choice theory originated in travel demand studies in the early sixties. Since then the power of this approach has been recognized, and it has been elaborated as a theoretical and empiri-cal tool for studying urban economies and housing markets. In this book Anderson, de Palma, and Thisse take another step which is crucial in realizing the full value of discrete choice theory : they show how this approach can be used to study almost all important aspects of a market with differentiated products. Their contribution is important in that it links discrete choice theory with the theory of industrial organization." Alex Anas, Chair, Department of Economics, State University of New York, Buffalo.

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AUTEUR: Simon Anderson

ISBN: 9780262011280

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illustrated for the logit, probit and linear probability models of discrete choice theory. Finally, we find a characteristics representation of the CES representative consumer. 1. INTRODUCTION In this paper, we want to explore the linkages between the different conceptual approaches used in modelling demand in product differentiation.


Estimating Discrete-Choice Models of Product Differentiation