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SHIZOPHRENIA IN THE PREMORBID PERIODPrenatal events that influence schizophreniaInteractions of genetic predisposition and intrauterine events in the etiology of schizophreniaCognitive functioning before or at the onset of the first episodeSCHIZOPHRENIA AT THE TIME OF THE FIRST EPISODEEarly onset schizophrenia : cognitive and clinical characteristicsBrain imaging studies in childhood-onset schizophreniaNeurocognitive deficits and first-episode schizophrenia : characterization and courseStructural and functional brain abnormalities in first-episode schizophreniaDiagnostic variabdity in thé early course of schizophreniaSex différences in schizophrenia : the case for developmental origins and etiological implicationsLate-onset schizophrenia : characteristics of patients at thé first episodeTREATMENT OF EARLY SCHIZOPHRENIAProdromal period : pharmacological and behavioural interventionsTreatement of schizo^hrenia at the first episodeTreatment of late-onset schizophreniaTreatment of cognitive deficits in first episode psychosis The Early Course of Schizophrenia Image



AUTEUR: Tonmoy Sharma

ISBN: 9780198568957

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The Early Course of Schizophrenia Edited by Tonmoy Sharma and Phil Harvey. This volume is unique in adopting a lifespan approach to understanding schizophrenia. There are many aspects of schizophrenia that require research attention from a lifespan perspective. For example, there may be aspects of the behavior or biological functioning that are present before the illness that change an ...


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