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This is the English translation of the book originally published in Russian. It contains 20 essays, each dealing with a separate mathematical topic. The topics range from brilliant mathematical statements; with interesting proofs, to simple and effective methods of problem-solving, to interesting properties of polynomials, to exceptional points of the triangle. Many of the topics have a long and interesting history. The author has lectured on them to students worldwide. The essays are independent of one another for the most part, and each presents a vivid mathematical result that led to current research in number theory, geometry, polynomial algebra, or topology Essays on Numbers and Figures Image



AUTEUR: Victor Prasolov

ISBN: 9780821819449

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The asymmetric layout of the numbers also breaks new ground - the figures 1, 3, 7 and 12 are displayed in place of the classic scale showing 3, 6, 9 und 12. L'innova ti on s e reflète é gale me nt dans la mise en avant de s indexes 1, 3, 7 et 12, c on trairement à l'usage, ou ce sont l es indexes 3, 6, 9 et 12 qui l e sont.


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