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HIV Infection in Primary Care is your complete resource for the latest in HIV management-with special emphasis on the practical needs of primary care practitioners working in a medical office environment. Coverage includes useful background information about the virus and the disease, as well as the basic clinical topics that are vital to the diagnosis and management of HIV infection and its complications. HIV infection in primary care Image



AUTEUR: Stephen-J Gluckman

ISBN: 9780721686011

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Primary care clinicians should be capable of evaluating HIV-infected patients at all stages of HIV infection and should consult with a clinician who has experience with management of antiretroviral therapy (ART) according to current guidelines. (III) Clinicians should involve patients in decisions regarding HIV treatment. (III)


We have to get the intervention where it is needed and we think primary care is really the best environment, where we can make a big impact on preventing HIV. Now, primary care providers are busy, they see 20 to 24 patients a day in my setting. They have a long, long list of preventative care that payers and insurance companies are asking them ...