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Now thoroughly updated and revised, the second edition of the Handbook of Headache gives comprehensive, yet concise insight to one of the most common-and confounding-of patient maladies. This is a practical, easily readable guide to the diagnosis and management of headache patients, written with both primary care physicians and neurologists in mind. The text presents a systematic approach to diagnosis, and is rich with expert recommendations for treating all types of headaches including: migraine, chronic daily, tension and cluster, first and worst, post-traumatic, pediatric headaches, headaches during pregnancy, geriatric headaches, and numerous other secondary headaches. Features of this new edition include: New drug treatments such as topiramate, almotriptan, frovatriptan, eletriptan, botulinum toxin, and tizanidine; 42 illuminating case studies that highlight diagnostic and treatment approaches in real-world scenarios; A full chapter devoted to patient education materials and alternative treatments; An informative and helpful section on medicolegal issues; "The Headache Quiz" offering a question and answer review; And much more. Make sure this latest resource is part of your personal medical library.

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AUTEUR: Randolf-W Evans

ISBN: 9780781752237

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Treating headaches has not traditionally been a subject invoking passionate enthusiasm in the average British neurologist. The authors of this headache management handbook appear to wish to enthuse the reader and raise the status of headache in the neurology world. The book aims to provide a practical handbook for doctors diagnosing and ...


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